Coke Can Squeeze from Polynesia

Saw a Samoan girl in her late teens today squeeze and crush her coke can with one hand as she held it upside down above her head in order to, I presume, get every last drop out of the can?

That is now the only acceptable way to drink a canned beverage.


Sunday Stroll


Sunday night.

Typically referred to as the loneliest time of the week.

I go for a walk and ponder upon some things.

Read on for full disclosure.

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I directed, edited and cameo’d in this wonderful music video interpretation of Alexander O’Neal’s “All True Man”. Enjoy.


Old Orlando.
I drew this back in 2004 based off of a photo of Orlando Bloom in a magazine. I did it for an assignment and thought nothing of it. Looking at it now, I’m rather happy with it’s likeness.
Enjoy, Internet.


Two Months

Yo wadup,

I’ve been back in the homeland (Auckland, New Zealand) for roughly two months now.

What has happened in those two months?
Let’s make a list:

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Sometimes the brain does what it wants.
Sometimes it combines words that shouldn’t be combined.
& sometimes the brain does not work at all.
I managed to do all three at once.
Do for it!


Auckland is full of wonder.

Today I went for a small outing to St Luke’s shopping Mall in the middle of the day (Friday).

I observed 3 events.

1) at the “wash-it-yourself” car wash (where you pay for the water / soap / hose / nozzle but save on the labour well, not really) there was a young Chinese couple washing their VW beetle.

I say Chinese couple but really the man was standing, arms folded, at the hood of the car watching his gf do all the work.
She had chosen to use the pink coloured soap and was working really hard to make it look effortless.
I thought that perhaps because it was her car she decided to wash it. Or he doesn’t like washing. Or he’s punishing her.
I kept walking.

2) in the computer game store a Chinese man walked in, baby cradled in his arms, with his wife following him in with the empty pram. They were well in to a conversation and showed no sign of stopping.
He went straight to the Diablo III guidebook to show his partner. (Diablo III is like World of Warcraft).
From there it’s not difficult to see how he probably spends his spare time.

3) a caucasian gentlemen wearing a hoodie and some kind of flat-brimmed cap with a savage skin condition approached me in the computer game store.
He asked “…looking to buy a game are ya?”
To which I replied, after taking a few moments to look at him and then around the store as if to say ‘you’d think so, me being IN a game store’, “yes”.
He then produced several games from his bag and offered “I’ll give you these for sixty bucks.”
After studying the game titles and the man himself I politely shook my head, raised an outward facing palm and said “no thanks”.
He shuffled away pretending to study the game shelf opposite me then slowly and very awkwardly eventually made it to the counter where he sold his games at a much cheaper price than he had offered me.
I thought he wanted crack.