Sam Spratt’s Halloween Portrait Contest!

In brief: Likes and Reblogs of this image are each entries in the contest to win a portrait of you drawn by me.

In slightly less brief:  To those new to this, that means that should you be the random winner, I would draw a portrait of your beautiful face (or someone’s face you care about)… as a horrifically ugly, flesh-eating, undead walker-face. It’s like winning the lottery! (except not at all like that…) That said, it is the best emotional preparation possible should you fall victim to the zombie apocalypse and run (walk slowly) across a mirror in the wreckage of your once beautiful town. (I will also draw you as anything halloween/horror themed, but the undead are a favorite).

Doing each of the following counts as an entry:

Facebook: Comment and/or Share this image >HERE<

Tumblr: Like and/or Reblog this image

Twitter: Following @samspratt and tweeting “Entering to win a portrait of myself drawn as the undead by @samspratt ! http://on.fb.me/RPNehj 

Contest closes on Sunday Oct. 28th at midnight EST

PS Yes, that’s a drawing of The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes as a Walker

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